Team LRSD is Back! 7-1

Hey guys!! Team LRSD is back in action with the new release of Modern Warfare 3.  A lot of the old timers are making their way back to the world of Call of Duty.  So far I’ve seen just about everyone you can think of from Jeffrosaw to old man Mad Dog.  The goal this season is just like any other year and thats to be the #1.

Game Battle Teams have been formed and so far the LRSD is off to a hot start. If you trying to get on the GB Team contact Insano or Takedown and they’ll see if you are ready to join the next 1st page team.  By the way Gymbo did step into battle and in his second game he pulled out an OT clutch kill to get the LRSD its first map in the match.  Just like old times Gymbo is undefeated when he takes the field in Game Battles.

There was some solid performances tonight by Mad Dog and certain rounds he did put the team on his back.  New recruit Isolation also stepped in and played great tonight and it looks like we are gonna see some great things out of him in the future.  Insano and Takedown performed well and both had great nights on the field of battle.  Even the man they call BlackerBerry showed up for a thrilling 3 round game and had some key kills that help the LRSD stay undefeated on the night.  Oh and of course I gotta mention that GymboSlice had a 1v1 clutch in the final game of the night.

The LRSD first crack at the GB ladder we have managed to pull to 7-1 with a 6 game win streak to get the FLAME!!

In other news DiaperDandy suffered an eye injury at the hands of TakedownSpecial and might miss at least a week of GB action.