Sponsorship is Finalized

Mad Dog Gaming is Officially sponsoring us for “COD4/COD5” ! We are all happy to say that you have not seen the last of “The Elite LRSD Squad”. Even though some of our long time teammates have been taking breaks due to personal reasons our main 6 is standing strong. We are also looking for some other sponsors to help us out, we do need some controllers Takedownspecial only plays with the wired 360 controller without the battery pack and we are running low. also Gymboslice will be doing a head to head contest it costs 5 dollars to enter if you win you get your money back and a article written on our website so all you 1v1ers get on that. Diaperdandy ,Feccy J and me have been focusing on getting our team use to routine practices so we will be 100% soon. I also want to thank Mad Dog Gaming for getting me a new 360 after the red ring of death got a hold of it, so i am back on track. I will keep you guys posted so check in every so often. LRSD is back!

Magic WoosHy

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