Skippy Boo Apologizes and is Reinstated into LRSD

Skippy (fomer Bravo Team Co-Leader) apologizes to the LRSD and Spit Metal.  Skippy has been reinstated into the clan.  Skippy was removed from the clan because his drinking was becoming a major problem.  Skippy got into an arguement with Spit Metal the former leader of the LRSD and was discharged from the LRSD.  Skippy will make his first appearance with the LRSD tonight.

DiaperDandy said “It’s great to see Skippy back in the line up, as long as he’s not drinking he’s pretty good.”  We tried to rach Mad Dog to ask his opinion but he was unavailable for comment and did not return the media’s phone calls.

The great GymboSlice was available and he said “Skippy is a major asset to this squad.  He was a Bravo team leader and at times carried the Bravo team on his back for entire nights. Hopefully he can return and continue on as the Skippy we know.”   

Here is Skippy’s apology letter: “This is for everyone I disappointed by having my panties in a wad. We all remember that faithful night when Spit was doing his job and reminding me how to do mine. There was no reason to flip out like that and I APOLOGIZE…… I’m doing this because I need the LRSD. Sorry about that everyone.”