Simple Rules to Follow

code-of-conductWhat WILL NOT be tolerated inside the LRSD?

  • There is NO CRYING in baseball and there will be NO CRYING inside the LRSD.  We DO NOT complain about the other team using a MOD, Juggernaut, Grenades or whatever some of you cry babies complain about during a match.  We DO NOT want to hear bitching and moaning when we are in battle. (The Team is trying to communicate and work together and your complaining is disrupting that..)
  • Team members of the LRSD WILL FOLLOW ORDERS.  If a higher ranking member of the LRSD tells you the plan for the match then it is expected that you follow that plan.  Example: If a team leader says “Lets go cap B flag” then the team should NOT respond with “No I don’t like that one” or “No we should go to A flag”.. Your team leader is the only one that will be giving out orders during the game and you will follow those orders without question…  (Search and Destroy is an exception.. If the leader goes down then follow the chain of command.. If your left a lone then Good Luck!)
  • The LRSD DOES NOT and WILL NOT INSTIGATE fights with another team.  Win or LOSE we DO NOT DISRESPECT the other team after the match.  Everyone that wears the LRSD TAG will show class and good sportsmanship.
  • After the match if you don’t have anything positive to comment about then DO NOT COMMENT on the match. Do not leave negative feedback. You can leave whatever rating you feel the other team deserves but DO NOT write anything stupid.
  • We are a TEAM and NO ONE is BETTER then the TEAM.  There are NO SUPERSTARS in the LRSD. Those who act and feel they are better then the team WILL NOT PLAY for the LRSD.

Honestly, I shouldn’t even have to write about this but after last nights first round playoff disappointment its clear that these points had to be addressed again. Those who have broken these codes will be benched throughout the rest of playoffs.

Remember: Anyone breaking these simple rules WILL NOT PLAY for the LRSD PERIOD..