Rules to Live By

Every now and then I like to write a nice article to lighten the mood in the LRSD.  Today I’d like to provide a few tips to the new guys on how to fit in, how to stay in and who to stay away from.  Over the years many people have been apart of the LRSD but only a few have hung around and survived all these years.

Basically in a sense this is Gymbo’s LRSD Survival Guide.

Don’t piss off Mad Dog: You get on Mad Dog’s bad side and your stay in the LRSD will be very brief.  My advice is if you are new to the LRSD: don’t speak to Mad Dog (unless spoken too), don’t stand next to Mad Dog (in game) and don’t argue with Mad Dog.

DO NOT GO TO battle with Feccy and Overdose at the same time: I would say this is a tip for everyone not just the new guys.  If you happen to find yourself in a game with both of these guys I’d recommend the mute button.  These guys have a temper like you wouldn’t believe.

No fun and Games: If you are in a pub match or any match with Mad Dog it is not suppose to be fun. You must win, you must fight and you must die so Mad Dog stays alive in game.  The better Kill/Death ratio Mad Dog has in game the better your chances are of staying in the LRSD.

BlackerBerry is Joking: Do not take offense to anything BlackerBerry says.  BlackerBerry is a jokerster so do not be offended if he goes off on these crazy rants about this and that. BlackerBerry gets a little crazy so don’t get upset if you are a target for some of his jokes.

Don’t Joke with OverDose: OverBad as I like to call him can’t take a joke.  Don’t joke with this guy because he will take it personal.  When OverDose gets his sensitive juices flowing its going to be a long night.  Watch out though, if you piss him off he might pop your head with his bicep.

Takedown will Sing: So far this season Takedown has already dropped his latest hit “ManSCRUBBB”.  I’m sure Takedown has produced many songs in the past but I just can’t remember any being better then the “ManSCRUBB” song.  Just don’t get upset if Takedown sings a song about you.

Battojin ain’t drinking then he ain’t trying: If you happen to find yourself in a game with sober Battojin be prepared to carry some serious weight.  Batto couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn sober so if you need Battojin to play well make sure he gets some Gin and Juice in his system.

Be nice to Jeffrosaw: If you happen to come across the man they call Jeffrosaw I would recommend that you are nice to him.  This is especially important if you are one of the local kids.

The Mr. Bone and RazorHead Workout: If you are looking for a work out or you like to practice backpacking teammates then make sure you get some games with Mr. Bone and RazorHead.  If you are inexperienced and want a light work out start off with one at a time.  Then when your ready start carrying both of em.

Avoid Captain Insano Lectures: One of the things to watch out for is the Insano Lecture. He will go on and on about strats and other things going on in the land of Insano and if you want to stay awake I suggest you try and avoid these situations.  I have found myself falling asleep listening to Insano ramble on about map strats and his analysis of things in the game.

Diaper Doesn’t Like Gingers: If you have red hair you probably aren’t going to be one of Diapers favorite people. I’m not sure why but something about red heads really piss Diaper Dandy off.  Diaper has been promoting the LRSD as an ANTI GINGER Society and he seems pretty intent on keep it that way.  If you happen to be a Ginger my advice to you is to dye your hair or your gonna have problems with DiaperDandy.

Gymbo Knows Everything: It is true Gymbo really does know everything. Gymbo is the man behind the scenes and is probably the most underrated player in the LRSD.  Some say there should be Gymbo Facts rather then Mad Dog Facts.

Grim, Shadow, Tivo and Mugzy worthless computer knowledge: Don’t ask these guys to do anything with a computer. I’m  surprised these guys even know what a computer looks like.  Don’t ask these to turn on a computer, email anything or even register for an account on a website.  You would think the young guns of the LRSD would actually have some computer knowledge considering they grew up using a computer.

ManCub ain’t no ManScrub: Man Cub would just like to state the he does not support or endorse the ManScrub song in anyway.

Stay Away From Chicken D**K Syndrome: There is a Rare disease that has been going around the LRSD called the Chicken D**K Syndrome and some are getting it worse then others.  We believe this disease was brought in by Gauge but we haven’t been able to prove it just yet.  One of the symptoms of the disease is a fear to go into an important battle or play in game battles match.


  1. GymboSlice on November 8, 2023 at 2:21 pm

    clutch had this to say

    i believe i suffered from chicken dick syndrom and conastantly ignored the whole dont piss off maddog thing… woulda been nice if u wrote this before haha… gl to u guys gratz on beatin the #24 ranked team

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