Liath's Rifle and Machine Gun Tips

Rifle Tips

The rifle has been the backbone of the military all the way back since it was created (Mad Dog was around when they actually created the rifle so he would probably know the exact day).  Different rifles require a different style of play. For example the Gewehr 43 and M1a1 Carbine is more suited for the average player with with the faster firing rate while the M1 Garand is more suited for hardcore with the slower firing rate but more powerful bullets.  When firing any rifle make sure that you are looking down the sights for more accurate shots. Always aim for the biggest mast like the chest, preferably the heart. If you use these simple tips you will become a better player with a rifle.

Machine Gun Tips

Their are so many different types of machine guns, you got the sub machine guns like the MP-40 and the M1A1 Thompson then you got the light machine guns like the BAR (Browning automatic rifle) and the FG-42, last but not lease you got the heavy machine guns like the MG-42 and the M1919 Browning.

Ill start out with the subs, the MP-40  is a accurate and powerful but the fire rate is a little slow, when on the other hand you got other choices like the Thompson, the Type 100 and the Russian PPSH-41 which has the fastest firing rate for the all the subs.

Next you got the lights guns which deployed correctly can reek havoc on the enemy. The fastest out of the lovely LMG is the is between the FG-42 and the Type 99. These two pieces of speedy engineering both have flaws. First the FG-42 has a small clip that without the proper trigger control you ‘ll be reloading every time you fire, when on the other hand the Type 99 is big and bulky and could be aggravating using the iron sights. The other more powerful but less faster are the DP-28 and the BAR just make sure that you are accurate and run with some of your friends when using one off those.

Finally we have the heavy machine gun which their is only two, one the MG-42 and the lovely M1919 Browning.  The MG is best suited for the on the go suppressing fire when the browning is suitable for camping with the bi-pod down.  Both of these weapons are great with a team that watch each others back like a real band of brothers. Just make sure that you shoot in bursts of 3-5 to make the 50 drum last longer then a couple of kills.

With these new tips anyone can use these weapons the their fullest potential. Hope to see you all you using these tips on the battlefield.

Liath out