Punishing the Competition!

punisherThe 1v1 tournament is underway and GrimPunisher keeps destroying the competition.  Grim was a heavy underdog coming into the tournament and no one was giving this kid a chance. Now the kids just two wins away from a trip to the finals.

Grims first round match up was against the heavily favored A-Team member Rasca 1. Grim took an early 4 point lead and frustrated Rasca with his awkward hit and run style.  Rasca never recovered and Grim coasted to an easy victory.  Then in the second round Grim was matched up against another heavy favorite, Haze. Once again Grim punished his opponent early and often. Grim grabbed an early 6-0 lead and never looked back.  Haze eventually threw in the towel and said he had enough of the Punisher..

We caught up with Grim and all he had to say “Bring on Iconz..Bring on Iconz..”

I don’t know why he’s calling out Iconz.. Iconz still has to get past at least two opponents to even get to Grim..

GrimPunishers Check List

  1. Rasca
  2. Haze
  3. Iconz
  4. Takedown