Pivotal Moments Retires TBRE Fumbles Torch

Blind Mice and his squad Pivotal Moments have parted ways.  They decided that since they were not prepared to take their game to the next level and go all out Map Gen they would retire for the remainder of the season and pass the torch onto a new team called TBRE. Pivotal Moments was a great LRSD Deathmatch team and one could argue that they might be the best Deathmatch Team the LRSD has ever seen.  Congrats to those guys they have done a great job.

This new team features some of the top players throughout the LRSD such as Mad Dog, Interpretations, McNasty, Choppy, Camo and Blind Mice.

So far it looks like TBRE has fumbled the torch that was given to them by Pivotal Moments.  TBRE has started off with a mediocre 4-4 record and they have fallen from the first page of Game Battles.  Not to worry though the LRSD has all the confidence in the world that they can recover and make it back to the first page.  This is a young team with a lot of promise and there is only one way to go and that’s up.