One Vs One Tourney!

armymedalsI know we’ve been holding off on this tournament for a while now but its time to get the ball rolling.  Any LRSD member who is interested in entering the first LRSD One vs One Tournament send Gymboslice a message on Xbox Live saying “I’m in” and you will be added to the bracket.  Send the message by Friday (2/27/09) the latest!

(NOTE: If you do not send Gymbo a message or communicate with him by Friday then you will not be eligible for the tournament. Once Gymbo creates the bracket he will not recreate another bracket for people entering late.)

Tournament Type: One Vs One (Double Elimination Note: Could Change to Single Elimination)

Start Date: 2/28/09

Map: Dome (Other Maps – TBA)

Prize: TBA by 2/28/09  (Possible Prizes Could Be Cap-Card, Turtle Beach Head Set, Kontrol Freeks, Microsoft Points, Spot on Alpha Team, GymboSlice or Mad Dog friend request..)

Members Not Allowed: Mad Dog and GymboSlice (They will be Referees for the tournament and supplying prizes. We want to give people a chance to actually win.  Note: Gymbo and Mad Dog would have to buy each other prizes if they were competing in the tournament.)

Alpha Members are allowed in the Tournament.  So watch out for bad kids like TakedownSpecial, Iconz, and Feccy J.


  • No Betties
  • No Grenade Launcher
  • No Two Frag
  • No Satchel Charges
  • No Gymbo Perk
  • Kill Cam: Off
  • Time Limit: 10 Mins
  • Score to 15 Kills

Note: Anyone caught cheating will be removed from the LRSD. We are all clan members/friends so cheating should not be an issue.