Mr. LRSD Nominees

Gymbo here again and I’d like to announce the nominees for MR. LRSD aka Member of the Month.  We got a lot of guys doing great things for the LRSD and its about time people get recognized and awarded for their accomplishments.  The winner of the award will receive an MLG Bag (Fag Bag, Gamer Bag, Gym Bag, whatever you wanna call it).

Winner will get this awesome bag supplied by MLG Gaming! (Featured Modeling the Bag is Magic Wooshy)

Remember the award is not just for the most skilled player in the LRSD. The award is for someone who represents the LRSD the right way on and off the game.

I spoke with the Team Leaders from each team and we came up with these 5 LRSD members that have stood out the most this month.

1. Drist – Drist has been a solid member of Pivotal Moments on and off the battlefield.  When drama started brewing with the Team Drist was there to keep things steady.  Drist is also Mice’s right hand man and he has proved his worth this past month helping lead Pivotal Moments to the top 15 on the Game Battles Ladder. (Nominated by Blind Mice)

2. Bobby Shadow – Former Co-Leader of Team LRSD, he had a good start to the month and was the talk of the LRSD during that time.  It took him about 3 or 4 years but he finally changed his Gamer Tag from Shadow to his rightful name Bobby Shadow. He did eventually lose the job of Co-leader to Tivo “The Tiger” but Bobby was doing an almost perfect job up until that point. (Nominated by Mad Dog)

3. Tivo – He is the newest co-leader of Team LRSD and so far he has shined where others have failed.  Mad Dog gave Tivo the “Tiger Emblem” and then the co-leadership of Team LRSD and he hasn’t looked back since.  Under the leadership of Tivo Team LRSD recorded a record 24 straight victories. Tivo has also recorded 20 clutches during that time span and he has went from a little cub to a full blown beast in a matter of weeks.  (Nominated by Mad Dog)

4. Battojin – Old and reliable Battojin has been the back bone of the LRSD for a long time.  He may not be the most skilled player but he is always there for his teammates.  Battojin has taken on an important role as one of the Co-Leaders on Team Rough House (LRSD’s Training Squad) and he has helped educate some of the younger LRSD members on how to play the game the right way. (Nominated by GymboSlice)

5. Clutchified – Young and hungry is the best way to describe Clutch.  Clutch keeps the older members of LRSD Rough House motivated because he is always eager to play GB matches and learn as much as possible.  Clutch knows his place and he shows respect to all the LRSD veterans (exept for LI4TH) and has even put in extra time with Blind Mice to become a better player.  Clutch is doing all the right things to become a better player on and off the battlefield.  Clutch has recently been promoted to Pivotal Moments for his hard work and dedication. (Nominated by GymboSlice)