Modern Warfare 2 Leaked Videos and Photos

Here is some leaked pictures and videos from yesterdays meeting. Hope you all enjoy.


This is your multiplayer screen.


The stats and the medals you get after a great game.


if you look closely you can see that their is machine pistols, shotguns, handguns, and launchers as your second weapon


One of the new launchers that are in the game.


This one shows the perks that we can customize, the only down side is you can only pick 3. remember this is just 9 out of the 15

  • 3 Kills = UAV
  • 4 Kills = airdrop/care package
  • 4 Kills = counter UAV
  • 5 Kills = sentry gun
  • 5 Kills = Predator missile
  • 6 Kills = airstrike
  • 7 Kills = Attack helicopter
  • 9 Kills = Pave Low
  • 11 Kills = AC-130


some of the new equipment


Your create a class screen


This one show that you have a choice were you spawn



Some questions from other gamers on forums.

IW_Scriptacus: As with anything, I can’t go into much detail. Apologies in advance for any “non-answers”.
Quote: “Will we have a new variety of maps, like one that includes snow?”
IW_Scriptacus: I think you’ll be quite pleased with the variety of map styles and locations in MW2.
Quote: “How do Supply Drops work?”
IW_Scriptacus: Supply drops are cooler than any of the speculation I’ve seen on these boards.
Quote: “Alrighty then, do you feel that the sniping concept in the game has been expanded on greatly? (Ghillie, Sway, Attachments, Number of weapons)”
IW_Scriptacus: I think those that enjoy sniping will find a lot to like in the game.
Quote: “Do you think the game plays/feels like COD4? Or does it just feel different?”
IW_Scriptacus: It definitely feels the same from a movement and control perspective. Beyond that, I’ll say that after playing MW2 it’s really hard to go back to COD4.
Quote: “Do you feel that riot shields fit in comfortably? I am really worried about them :/”
IW_Scriptacus: The riot shields are awesome. Keep in mind that all of the MP designers play a ton of different MP games and have been doing so for years. We’re not designing in a vacuum here.
Quote: “Can we expect to rank up at a pace similiar to CoD4? Also, are there any incentives to prestiging in the new game?”
IW_Scriptacus: I’m confident that people who prestige won’t regret doing so.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Some form of rewards for players who prestige
  • Supply Drops will function in a way that works better than theories regarding it may suggest
  • Riot Shields will be flawed and therefore balanced
  • There should be a treat in store for snipers
  • It handles in a very similar way to CoD4 but is better overall

check the site out for any new info that is not posted up. new video coming soon