Mini Madden League

maddenfavreThere has been a lot of trash talk lately in the LRSD and everyone is claiming to be the best Madden player.  I thought we clarified this last time when Gymbo dominated everyone in route to his perfect season in the last Madden league but I guess not.. Obviously some people are still delusional and think they are actually good at the game.

So as Champion Gymbo is willing to put his title on the line and compete in one last Madden League.

Note: I’d like to get this over with before the May 19th.

Rules FAQ

How is it going to work?– Everyone plays each other once.  If we have 6 teams enter then 4 best records make the playoffs.  If we only have 4 enter then two make the playoffs. Note: Depending on number of teams entering will determine amount the number of teams in the playoffs.

Put up Your Lunch Money or Shut Up- It’s going to cost 5 dollars to enter.  If you are as good as advertised then you will put your lunch money on the line.  If you guys are willing to go 10 dollars or more that is fine with me.  (You guys can even make friendly side bets each game if you want.. You can bet a months worth of lunch money..)

Are You in?- If your in then put a message in the Shout Box.  Note: This is for LRSD members only.

How do I pay?- You can either send the money through Pay Pal or mail a check to GymboSlice.

How do I get payed?- You probably won’t win but if you do the LRSD will send you money either by Pay Pal or we will put the check in the mail…

We are all scared to put up our lunch money what do we do?- Well if you are all scared to put up your lunch money then just put in the Shout Box I want in but I’m scared to lose my money and maybe someone can sponsor your entry into the tournament.  If everyone is scared then maybe we can just do it for no money..