Mental Breakdown!

The LRSD was in training and practice for there upcoming run at the title.  The team was dominating the public matches like usual and seem to be breezing through and smacking down bad kid after bad kid.  During one of the games Feccy J was struggling with covering his position and he was getting very frustrated.  Feccy J started having a mental breakdown and he started screaming for help.

Feccy J kept yelling “They are in the Water. They are in the Water.”  It sounded like Feccy J was a female in distress and needed to be saved.  Of course several members of the LRSD were right there to pick up the pieces and cover Feccy’s back.  Good thing because I don’t think Feccy J would of been able to handle the pressure much longer.

We caught up with the great Gymboslice late last night and this is what he had to say:

Gymboslice said “If Feccy J continues to struggle in stressful situations he will go back to Bravo or Charlie Team. Mad Dog will be working with Feccy personally on his mental issues. I will not comment any further on this but I will say hopefully Feccy J can overcome his personal issues and become a better player.”