Man Cub This, Man Cub That

So, recently I’ve been playing some games with the team and I’ve noticed a few things. It turns out that everything that goes bad is ManCub’s fault at least according to Grim and Tivo. We were on a 20 game win streak when all out havoc erupted.

All of the sudden Grim and Tivo both went off on The Cub. According to the two babies the Cub is not “allowed” to use anything but the ninja perk. Meanwhile the Cub was hammering the competition and carrying the team to victory. I witnessed first hand ManCub save Grim and Tivo’s lives numerous times.

However this was not good enough they just kept yelling at Man Cub. Soon enough ManCub had enough and unleashed the “Man” in ManCub and told both of them to shove it and play him 2v1.

Grim and Tivo agreed and off they went into a game, I mean I guess you can call it a game. ManCub shut them out 4-0 and they were not seen for the rest of the night. That just shows you not to mess with the ManCub.