Making the Cut!

The LRSD will be cutting down the players on the regular Game Battles roster.  Right now the LRSD has too many people on its roster and not everyone is getting a chance to play on the Game Battles Roster. We would like to build a more consistent team and to do that we need to keep a consistent roster.  We are going to play the players that that work well together and that have already build up a solid foundation of team chemistry.

So on that note, we will be building a Hardcore Game Battles Team.  The team will feature everyone in the LRSD that is interested in getting into Game Battles.  All these games will be training for purposes because we want to get everyone Game Battles experience but not hurt our record or standing in the regular Game Battles Ladder.  This is your chance to make a case that you belong on the LRSD Alpha Squad. Those that perform well in hardcore Game Battles will be given chances to play with the regular Game Battles Team.

Note: Game Battles games usually consist of 4 to 6 players eligible at a time.

The LRSD (Regular Game Battles Roster)

  • Feccy J
  • TakedownSpecial
  • Jeffrosaw
  • GymboSlice
  • Rasca 1
  • XxIconz
  • Mad Dog
  • (Empty) <— This Could Be You
  • (Empty) <— This Could Be You

We would like 8 or 9 Team Members for Alpha Squad. If no one can rise up the 7 listed above might be enough. We have two spots left on the rotation and we will be either promoting from within or finding some new players. This team is good enough to go deep into the Game Battles playoffs.  If someone can step up and make the team better we will add them to the roster if not these are the 7 that will be representing the LRSD in regular Game Battles.

BobBigCack, Pafinator, Breezy and Empreza have all performed well in the LRSD Game Battles.  The council is currently unsure of their status to continue on the roster. BobBigCack is 2-0 with the Game Battles team and said he retired after that amazing clutch performance.  Do they force him to come back or should they let him stay refired?

Empreza is a beast with the sniper rifle and has major game battles experience.  He did cost the LRSD a round by reporting to the wrong team. Can the rest of the LRSD forget about Empreza’s mental errors in the past?

Pafinator has been impressive when told to fill in for other players who could not make it.  Paf has produced in emergency situations and he wants to be a regular team member.  Will the LRSD give there emergency back up a roster spot?

Breezy is 1-0 when filling in for Game Battle games but he seems to be lacking motivation lately. Can Breezy motivate himself to be a better player?

Will the LRSD promote from within? Rumor has it Mad Dog has several outside prospects interested at getting there shot with the LRSD.  Mad Dog has already brought in the two new stars Rasca and Iconz.  Does he have another prospect under his sleeve? We shall find out in the upcoming weeks.  This is getting interesting.

More News

Rumor has it Diaper and Wooshy might create there own elite squad when they both return to battle.  They are both on leave and should be back in action in the upcoming months. Also Rumor has it Diaper and Wooshy might represent the LRSD as a doubles team.

Other News

We will also be promoting a new Team Leader for the B Squad (Bravo Team). The current front runners for Bravo Team leader are Bobby Shadow and Paco5000.

By: Gymboslice