Madden League or Fantasy Football League?

Fantasy League

Hey guys its Gymbo here again and I figured I’d ask the LRSD again if they are interested in doing a fantasy football league? Last year we had some interest but it wasn’t enough to get a league going.  There would be prizes involved and I’m sure for those who follow the NFL it would be a great time.  If anyone is interested please leave a comment on this blog post and leave an e-mail address so we can contact you with a league invite.

Madden League

Is the LRSD interested in running another Madden League this year? In years passed the LRSD has tempted running a few Madden Leagues but only had limited success.  Most of the failure was due in part because of Gymboslice’s dominance in the Madden League.  During League play in the LRSD Gymbo holds a stellar record of 12-0 and has yet to be challenged by a legitimate contender.  So its understandable if no one wants to do a Madden league. If we have to we won’t allow Gymboslice to take part in the Madden League because he has a long history of dominance.

If anyone is interested in either option please leave a comment on this article with your e-mail address.