Madden League – Gymbo Shuts Em Out!

The Madden League continues and the story so far is the dominance of GymboSlice. Gymbo (7-0) has been owning everyone in the league so far and it doesn’t look like he is going to be stopped. Gymbo’s last three games he has outscored his opponents 68-0 (One of the Games didn’t make it to half time). Paco, Feccy and Starnards couldn’t break past Gymbo and his G-Men.

Feccy was the first victim on Gymbo’s amazing shutout streak. Feccy quit the game right before half time, the score was only 10-0 at the time but Gymbo was driving and getting the ball at half (It probably would of been at least 13-0 and Gymbo’s ball at the half).

Next up was Paco (1-9) and basically Paco’s struggles continued and he lost by a score of 30-0.  So far Paco is 0-2 versus Gymbo and Paco has been out scored 65-8 in the two games. NOTE: Paco’s sole victory comes against Feccy because Feccy lagged out in the middle of the game.  Paco accepted the victory by accident.  So basically Paco is the Detroit Lions of the LRSD Madden League and is desperate for his first official victory.

Then it was the rematch versus StarNards.  Last time Gymbo faced Nards the game froze with Gymbo driving in the last 50 seconds with a chance to tie or win the game.  The game was ruled as incomplete and they were forced to play again. This time Gymbo didn’t need a last minute drive to win the game because Nards offense failed to show up for the game.  Gymbo’s defense was just too much for Nards as Gymbo recorded his third shutout in a row with a 28-0 victory.

What Have We Learned So Far?

  • Not only does DEFENSE win Championships but it also wins Madden Games.
  • Gymbo might be levels above the competition.
  • Paco needs to win a real game.
  • Gymbo should be sponsored by Citizen Eco Drive because he is Unstoppable just like the people who wear their watches.
  • Takedownspecial coaches better then Vince Lombardi.
  • Mad Dog is too scared to face Gymboslice in a Madden Game.
  • Nards and Feccy J have similar mental breakdowns.

Other News

BobBigCack has joined the Madden League.  BigCack was tired of watching Gymboslice dominate everyone from the sidelines, so he joined the league and is rumored to be the next big thing.  BobBigCack has been studying a lot of film and feels with a couple warm up games he can hand Gymboslice his first loss.

Breezy is back on track!  After suffering a 21-11 defeat at the hands of Gymboslice, Breezy has won 3 in a row. Breezy feels he is ready for his rematch with Gymboslice and said he will not make the same mistakes again.  (They will probably rematch sometime this week or next.) NOTE: Breezy was nearly shut out by Gymboslice and recorded all 11 of his points in garbage time.


  • Gymboslice 28 – StarNards 0
  • Gymboslice 30 – Paco  0
  • Gymboslice 10 – Feccy  0 (Feccy Conceded Defeat)
  • Breezy 59 – Paco  8
  • Breezy 34 – Paco  14
  • StarNards 28 – Paco  0
  • Breezy 21 – Bore  14
  • StarNards 40 – Bore  5
  • Feccy 17 – Paco  14
  • Bore 100 – Paco 14 (Paco Let Bore Pad his Stats)