Mad Dog Bites Back!!!

Mad DogSpecial exclusive interview with the Mad Dog himself as he takes a bite out of his old team and gives Jeffrosaw a piece of his mind. Mad Dog basically wasn’t happy with the team egos saying success was getting to the young LRSD squad. Mad Dog was quoted on saying “These guys don’t think they need the Mad Dog, they’ll see.”

Media: So Mad Dog first things first, What do you have to say in response to Jeffrosaw’s comments?

Mad Dog: First off Jeffrosaw although you may have some skill you ain’t the Mad Dog! Jeffro’s egos so big their ain’t enough room on the team for the both of us. He’s all crazy, always running in like a freak. I have to put a dog chain on his ass to stop him from dying. Jeffrosaw needs to take a chill pill hes always angry in the game bouncing in and out of battle, once Jeffro settles down he can be one of the best.

Media: Mad Dog do you have anything to say about the rest of the LRSD?

Mad Dog: Well actually I do. TakedownSpecial hes still a rookie, fresh out of college all of a sudden the kid thinks hes a pro (Mad Dog Laughs) . Takedown still needs to prove himself and show that he is a winner and a champion like Eli Manning did in this years Super Bowl. Until then he ain’t even a pimple on Mad Dog’s ass. (Mad Dog Laughs some more)

As for Magic Wooshy saying I yell at him too much about his sniping skills, hes right I do yell at him for his terrible sniping skills. If Magic Wooshy actually knew which end of the gun barrel the bullets came out of maybe then I’d let the kid snipe. DiaperDandy hes only good when he sweats. DiaperDandy plays better when the pressure is on and he actually has to “Do Work.”

Then you got HipHopJunky, who I like to call Mr. Sensitive. This kid doesn’t listen to anyone, he carries around 5 classes of sniper rifles and wonders why Mad Dog yells at him. Another nutcase is HighFive, depending on what time of the month it is determines his game play. Highfive spends more time crying then he does shooting. Atleast HighFive brought in a solid member like BobBigCack. BigCack’s good but hes got no experience we aren’t really sure if he can really bring it. Kid gets his experience up he might be as good as the Mad Dog.

Gymboslice says he’s the best at everything. He’s crazy he needs work on his search and destory skills. Kid doesn’t know where to plant the bomb, when to defuse the bomb or how to run with the bomb. Basically the kids a rookie when it comes to Search and Destory. Mad Dog made these clowns into ruthless killing machines and now they think they are all better then the Mad Dog.

Media: So whats in the future for the Mad Dog? Will you go back with the LRSD?

Mad Dog: Winning with my new team. Building another championship squad out of rookies. If the LRSD gets their shit together maybe one day Mad Dog will join them in battle once again.

Look for the video footage coming soon from HipHopJunky Productions!! Mad Dog refused to be photographed so we have no available pictures of the former LRSD member available.