LRSD Update

More New Members

There’s been a lot of news in the LRSD lately. There were two new initiations recently. The two new members are Overdose and Shoutout. There was also another player who was so good that he didn’t even have to go through initiation. His name is Cody. He might be young but he is a beast at the game. These members will be making a difference in the LRSD.

Alpha vs. Bravo

The Alpha team took on the Bravo team in a couple of Search and Destroy matches the other day. Alpha team came out victorious as expected. Although they lost the B team really put up a fight. The most noticeable players on the B-team were Overdose, Shoutout, and Cody. These three prevailed above the rest of B-Team and dominated. Alpha team actually did admit after the match of being scared of Cody, especially Takedown. Takedown was taken down by Cody 2 times with a shotgun. This put the fear of God into the Alpha Team. Cody also proved himself by clutching a round when he had to face Empreza a.k.a. bad kid and new member Overdose. Cody took them both out and gave the A team the win.  It seems like Cody will be making it on the starting roster before Empreza.

Congrats to JigSaw and Paco

JigSaw was just promoted to Bravo Team Leader and Paco was just promoted to Co-leader. Hopefully he can succeed and get Bravo Team up to par.  For those not getting playing time with Alpha Team contact JigSaw he is looking for Bravo Team members.