LRSD Tries to Regain Footing

Team LRSD started out at an impressive 22-1. They continued with an impressive record and many games later compiled a win streak of 24 in a row.  At the end of that win streak the record was 75-10, putting LRSD in an impressive 54th place, with the appearance to keep rising to second and eventually first page. However In the past week LRSD played 22 matches for a record of 14-8. This was a setback that seems to have a the team dazed and confused. However it’s darkest before dawn, and LRSD will turn it back around keeping these points in mind.

1) Listening. More listening to MadDog when explaining the plan is the first step to success, so it sounds simple, but pay attention it can only help. Also listening will mean you aren’t talking, and lately there has been a lot of chatter clogging up the lines in battles and this needs to be worked on.

2) Mindset.  With the weary feeling lately there has been a feeling of disconnect and lack of trust for teammates. Be confident that LRSD is a damn good team and will get the job done as long as we don’t do it halfheartedly, hesitantly, and cowardly. Also be confident to remove any fear or sense of being scared to die. Nobody is a superstar and somebody has to be at the bottom of the scoreboard, and sometimes it will be you. But don’t stop playing the way you know you need to play to try to put up better numbers when what you were doing  is helping the team get the job done.  Every knows and adores the scene from “Saving Private Ryan” where in the last battle for the bridge the ammo kid / translator cowards on the stairs only feet away from his friend who is wrestling with a German and eventually gets a knife in the chest. Hesitating from sense of fear only brings failure.

3) Pre-Game. No I’m not talking about having a few drinks to get loose, I’m talking about pre-gamebattles match things that could help get that “W”.  Perhaps quickly reviewing the strategy and assigning certain roles will make things run smoothly. For example we played a pretty good team in “PTS post traumatic stress” and beat them soundly on wasteland because before the game it was audibly announced who was going to the left, to A bomb, to trench and to B bomb.  Now this may sound elementary, but it may take away that fear and allow us to trust our teammates. This could “Gel” the team together knowing you are a piece in this grand scheme.  So this would stop panicking when you die and chaotically calling out where the bad guys are hoping that by saying it all really loud and really fast somebody will bootleg a clutch plan. Instead maybe this pre-game thing would cause somebody such as myself to think logically and put myself in other’s shoes knowing that when I rush to the far left of A bomb tanks (wasteland example), and I see in the bottom left that a random killed CAPTN x iNSANO, I remember he was guarding A so I should try to swing around and hit A-bomb and the plan doesn’t go to hell in a hand basket it. Maybe the strats are all so “rush oriented” that it causes frantic actions and thought, and perhaps doing these simple pre-game tasks could keep everyone cool and collected.

Anyway, these are just some ideas that may help, maybe not. They may just be my way of venting a crappy week of game battles. Anything else you want to add let me know and I’ll put all the good ideas and constructive criticism in. Maybe I’ll start a column on the pros and cons of recent GB matches (in shorter form) to help keep the right mindset for the team. But these ideas at least can cause everyone to take a deep breath and imagine hitting the reset button. It’s a new day and there is hope so stay with us and we’ll turn it around shortly, don’t get to down on yourself. LRSD is like that crazy CA governor, We’ll be back!