LRSD to the Top!

LRSD Pivotal Moments has done it! They have been on top page and held their ground there for over a week. This marks a great accomplishment for LRSD as a whole as well as the specific individuals that make up this talented team.  LRSD has now seen the top page in the opening season of the last two Call of Duty games showing their quick adaptation and understanding of the game.  The players of this team though also deserve to be recognized.  Mice is the team leader of Pivotal Moments and has done an outstanding job keeping his players disciplined and organized.  While it definitely gets intense for the team (as exhibited by the 5 overtimes played in their latest match against an at the time ranked 34th team), it never gets chaotic for Pivotal Moments due to their calm mentality and good preparation. In the earlier days of the team when I was on it I recall playing in match on highrise against another great opponent, team toxicity. We were behind by around 15 kills and with any other group of players and without organization that would have pretty much been another loss already given up.  However, Pivotal Moments showed patience, smart play, and cool temperament, avoiding rushing towards the opponent in desperation to catch up. Instead cool and collectively a slow push was made to spawn trap the team that was ahead by double digit kills.  One by one they were picked off as the lead was whittled away.  Like a perfectly executed 2 minute drill, like clockwork, the tides had turned by the end of the match.  This is the only incredible example of the good work Pivotal Moments is capable of that I can testify to, but since my depart I am confident that they have had many more incredible accomplishments, one of which is making top page. I H8 I is one of the original members of the team and says that since making top page, “It feels as if a giant monkey has been lifted from my back.” When asked how he thinks they compiled such a great record H8 jokingly replied, “It’s pretty much Mice cowering in a corner as the rest of us get the kills.” Well however they are doing it we won’t complain as we are thrilled to see LRSD represented on the top page of game battles. Nice Job Pivotal Moments on setting the bar high for other LRSD teams to aspire.