LRSD Reunion Night

A few of the old timers made an appearance online last night and went back to work.  Even though it was just public matches it was good to see a lot of the guys back in action. Most of my old squad from Modern Warefare 2 (LRSD Rough House) were on doing battle like old times. Winning came easy but that is to be expected in pub matches.

Some guys have stayed active like Mr. Bone, ManCubb and Ghost and these guys have dramatically improved their game.  ManCubb has risen from prospect to superstar and Mr Bone has gone from inexperienced rookie to a deadly veteran. If you ask me Ghost has pretty much stayed the same but maybe he improved a little and yes he still talks too much.

Some surprise appearances were to see Battojin and Feccy J back in action.  I’m not sure how much these guys still play but for me it was the first time back in action in a long time.  Feccy J as usual had his connection issues and Battobad has managed to stay pretty much BAD. As usual I managed to do work and dominate games like old times.

All in all it was a good night.

Other News Mad Dog and Takedown Return

Mad Dog and Takedown are back in action and they are bringing back the LRSD Hall of Fame Team (you know the team from World at War).  Well if you are interested in playing World at War again contact Takedown or Mad Dog and see if you got the skills to be apart of the team.

Also I know the website hasn’t been as active as it usually is but expect the action pick upcoming months. The LRSD is planning big things as usual.