LRSD: Restoring Order

Hey guys it’s Gymbo here again checking in and giving another update at whats going on and what needs to go on in the upcoming weeks.

First thing is first we need to re-establish who is in the LRSD and who is not.  A lot of guys are running around saying they are the LRSD yada yada and we got some guys I don’t even know playing and running the World at War squad.  We gotta get organized once again and establish order.

I know the core LRSD guys are here to stay forever but I’m still unsure of a lot of guys.

Secondly we need to start establishing some jobs for people in the LRSD.  If you guys want to take the LRSD to the next level we need to step it up and get more organized.  If you want to be apart of the community you are gonna have to give back and hold some form of responsibility.

Open Positions:

Head of Recruiting – We need someone in charge of recruiting 100%.

Recruiters – We need recruiters who will work with our head recruiter.

Sponsorship Lead – We need someone to seek out sponsors for LRSD teams or LRSD as a whole. Whether it be gaming gear, equipment, money for tournaments entry fees, prizes for LRSD run tournaments, etc.

Sponsorship Scouts – People working under the sponsorship lead.

Writers/Reporters – We need guys who are willing to write.  I know we got some educated guys in the LRSD so we need yall to set up and write some articles.  Doesn’t have to be an everyday thing but we need a news team willing to gather intel from various LRSD teams and share it with the community.

Graphic Designers – We need other graphic designers to help out with the website and create nice images either for articles, LRSD teams or for whatever we need it for.

Video Editors – We need guys who are skilled at video editing. Creating quality video productions for highlight reels etc. We also need basic video editors who can submit simple things like video evidence to eliminate people from cheating our competitive teams.

Video Streamers – If we really wanna get our name out there we need guys that can stream video.  We would like to have our channel broadcasting more live events and in order to do so we need guys who are gonna step up and stream live video.

Head of Halo Reach – If people want to branch out in the world of Halo we need someone to step up and take control of the whole department. Then they can set in place their team, their recruiters, their writers, video guys, etc.

Those interested in applying for positions please leave a comment on this article or email