LRSD Quick News – Donate Donate Donate!

Hey Gymbo here again and I just wanted to give a few updates on whats going on around the LRSD. First things first we got two teams that have showed a lot of success lately and I just want to give a big congratulations.  They are doing a fine job of representing the LRSD and I just want to say congrats to both squads and to keep up the good work.

Donate Donate Donate!!!

Our big charity tournament is coming up next weekend and I’d like some of you LRSD guys to donate some money for the cause.  Whether your team is paid for already or not I’d like to see more donations from our LRSD guys.   I know times are tough but that is no excuse.  You guys can find a way to donate a little coin (even a dollar) for this event whether you are competing or not. Remember all the money raised is going to the Wounded Warrior Project. Please help support our troops.

So far we have only received donations from Ghost, Mad Dog and myself (well if you want to count Jiggy he donated 2 cents while helping me set up the Pay Pal Buttons).

I know you guys can do better then this!!

Need More Teams

Guys we still need more teams for the event.  We are even debating moving the event to a double elimination style format so teams can get in at least two matches. Teams like (not to mention any names) Rough House could gain a lot of experience with two guaranteed matches.

Keep talking to teams about the event we got tons of great prizes and it is well worth the price of admission.

Tivo the “Tiger”

Since Tivo was awarded “The Tiger Emblem” and announced Co-Leader by Mad Dog, Team LRSD has been on a roll.  They have stomped out 23 straight opponents in route to the longest win streak by any LRSD Team this season.  Tivo has turned on Team LRSD’s hunger and all of a sudden they are feasting on every team in their way!

Keep up the Good Work Guys!!

Pivotal Moments Records 100th Win Milestone

Congrats to Mice and his squad Pivotal Moments for their 100th victory this season.  Mice has turn these guys from solid players to contenders and they are well on their way to their way to a playoff appearance. Pivotal Moments is currently on the verge of cracking the Top 10.

LRSD Pivotal Moments was mention in a recent GB News article. (See Link) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Ladder Update

Keep on rolling!! Good Job Guys!!

Member of the Month

We are going to start doing a new thing called member of the month. The member of the month will be awarded with a small section in our sidebar and possible prizes.  I’d like each team leader to nominate 1 or 2 people from their respective squad each month.  The team leader must state why they have nominated this person and an article will be written up.  To decide the winner we will run a poll on the website and then the council will vote on it to finalize the winner.

Team leaders please contact Gymbo and give him your nominations asap.