LRSD Plays On

LRSD is more active than ever as they head into mid January. The 3 Blind Mice has proved his squad is a force to be reckoned with and does not seem to be too badly affected by losing two of their players last week.  They have cracked the top 150 and racked up several more wins while only losing one more match for a combined record of 32-3.

Elsewhere MadDog has come out of the gates swinging as he wasted no time following the organizing of his old school large LRSD roster.  Playing in matches with up to 6 players the team made a statement as they start out their season 7-0 including an impressive win over a team with 64 victories.  And they are still going as we speak; there is a lot of curiosity to whether the veterans of LRSD have what it takes to make a playoff eligible team.  So far it looks like they weren’t kidding.  It shows the leadership and discipline the leaders of LRSD have to keep such a large roster focused in matches, as well as the improvement on the individual players’ part to execute successfully.

I think everyone is excited to see one big happy family roster again, and one that has been successful.  Everyone is also impressed by the record Pivotal Moments has thrown together.  Everything seems to be rolling full speed ahead, so watch out XBL LRSD is back!

Article By: Team Player