LRSD Pivotal Moments Reaches a Milestone

Th 3 Blind Mice here to give you another update as to how my team is doing. I’m happy to report that LRSD Pivotal Moments reached its 100th win tonight, representing the LRSD family the way it ought to be. Our overall record is 100-6 putting us firmly into 12th place on the GB Team Ladder. What I must say is impressive is that out of those 100 wins, 92 of them have come via 2-0 shutouts.

I must point out the efforts of two of my players Legacy H8 and Drist x. The two of them have played at least 90 matches alongside me. Both have proven their worth to the team numerous times and both continue to learn and grow in their abilities. They are both key assets to me as a leader.

I must also take a moment to give a little spot light to my two relative newcomers, howsmyshot and Crisped Attucks. Both have had key contributions in their match play. I think both have come a long way in order to accommodate our team style and have fit great in with our team chemistry. Howsmyshot is constantly asking questions and learning how to be a better gamer. I feel that he is by far our most improved player. Crisped Attucks has known a few of my players for some time so he has been able to have a smooth transition.

I expect nothing but the same from my team in the coming future. We have our eyes on getting to the top ten and my team firmly believes it will happen soon. TDM All Stars you say? Well, I think we have a few surprises for those people. Stay tuned till next update…