LRSD Pivotal Moments off to a Decent Start

Th 3 Blind Mice here to give you an update as to how LRSD Pivotal Moments has been performing. I am proud to report that the LRSD team Pivotal Moments is off to a commendable start, recording 37 wins and 3 losses through our first 40 matches. It is also important to note that 35 of those 37 wins come via shutout. We have faced some very formidable opponents in that span including Team Toxicity (111th place), Tp Defiance (53-15 record), Organized Confusion (8th place), and iNF Next (28-5 record). Pivotal Moments currently sits at 120th, with ambitions to break into the top 100 soon. It took a strong LRSD core along with key contributions from new recruits to achieve this standing.

After enduring our first match loss to notable WaW team Slaap, the team collected itself and found an identity winning our next 18 matches. I give much of the credit for this to the history my team members have with each other. I must highlight the performance of 3 solidified LRSD members: H8, Drist, and UnyieldingGhost. Each LRSD member has shown his worth multiple times and continues to show me the values and assets of LRSD. H8 has proven to be a very good co leader in and out of matches. Although we were sad to see LRSD members Jigsaw and Team Player be shifted to other teams, we have proven ourselves resilient and determined.

I would also like to take a moment to introduce and give credit to two recruits that I have brought into Pivotal Moments. Howsmyshot and ChriiSSsss are my two new comers. Each has shown me the personality, teamwork skills, and game play abilities that make me believe they will be a great fit on Pivotal Moments, as well as the LRSD family.

It has been a pleasure getting the opportunity to lead my own team for the LRSD family, and I hope we live up to the expectations placed upon us. I am confident that we are capable of a very successful record, and plan to start doing some damage. Each one of my members has shown me that they can lock down an area and run and gun very capably. I hope to sprinkle in some map gen to get my members ready for a run at playoffs.

Till next time

Th 3 Blind Mice