LRSD November Achievement Awards

As you all know the LRSD has awards we give out every month for good and bad play.  This month was the first Month the LRSD return to action and we had some good times and some bad times already.  Not all the members of the LRSD have officially return to battle yet.  We are still missing some key players like Jeffrosaw, RDawg and ManCubb (Jeffrosaw did make a cameo appearance and he sawed down Gymboslice’s Kill to Death Ratio.  The LRSD will continue to battle on strong without them but they are expected to return by next month.

Lets break down the awards:

MVP Award ( Most Valuable Player): Winner – TakedownSpecial: Takedown has returned from retirement and has been dominating the online gaming world. Can anyone stop Takedownspecial? Takedown does work each and every day.  Takedown is skilled in all areas of the game and the LRSD is glad to see him come out of retirement.

BAD Award (Bad at the Game): Winner – InkCity:After a long layoff InkCity returned to battle and was just terrible. InkCity wouldn’t follow orders and has shown a major lack of discipline. InkCity has been a problem member of the LRSD for a while and his struggles continue on his first day back.  InkCity is usually a decent player and was voted back in the LRSD last season but it looks like hes gonna need to get the respect of his teammates back.  Advice for him is to play better and follow orders.

Choke Award (Doesn’t Come Through In the Clutch): Winner – Empreza: Empreza’s failure to cover Feccy in a proper way has earned him this award.  There wasn’t many non-clutch performances to choose from but Empreza’s blunder is fresh in the mind of many LRSD members.  Empreza does have the ability to be a clutch player but that was back in Call of Duty 4.  This is a new season and Empreza right now has earned himself the Choke Award. Empreza is going to have to set up his game when left in a crucial opportunity.

Immobilizer Award (Tank Killer): Winner – Gymboslice: Gymbo nicknamed “Immobilizer” has continued his dominance over enemy tanks.  Gymbo has taken teams out of the battle and left them tank-less. Gymbo gives the LRSD that Edge when the maps feature Tanks. Gymbo would like to thank all the other immobilizers out there for helping him win this award.

Blitzkrieg Award (Best Tank Driver): Winner – Mad Dog: Mad Dog is the tank expert here for the LRSD. He has been dominating the battlefield with leadership and tank tactics.  Mad Dog and the LRSD are unstoppable on tank levels.

Big Blooper Award (Most Screwed Up Play): Winner – Feccy J and Empreza (Aka Hip Hop Junky):This play came on a search and destroy mission. Feccy J and Empreza were left with a 2 vs 1 advantage and looked to have the game locked down.  Feccy and Empreza went to plant the bomb together and looked to be holding hands at the time.  They were so busy holding hands they forgot that there was one enemy left on the battlefield.  Feccy yells to Empreza to cover him and that’s what he did. Empreza laid right on top of him hiding Feccy underneath him.  Then the enemy walked up on them and stabbed them both. LRSD did hold on to win the game 4-2.

Young Gun (Rookie of the Month Award. New Player Steppin Up): No Current Young Guns or New Guys have stepped up to capture this award.

Mr. Snipes Award (Best Sniper): No current winner has been selected.  It’s still a young season and this award will be given out when someone truely deserves it. The Front Runner for this awards is obviously Gymboslice.

Clutch Award (Comes through in crucial moments): No current winner.  No one really stands out in the minds of the council.  It’s still a young season and we will select the Clutch Award winner next month.  The Front Runner for this award looks to be Empreza.

Next Month we will have more awards and hopefully all of the LRSD are back together and getting ready for competition.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the LRSD members and fans.

See Ya!


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