LRSD Madden League News

The Madden League has officially started and has been underway for the past couple days now.  It looks like its going to be a competitive league.  Gymboslice has started off hot with 3 wins in a row while Paco5000 has stumbled out the gate and has started 0-3.  BobBigCack will be joining the league and take the place of Pafinator.  If anyone is interested in joining the league please let Gymboslice know the final cut off will be next week.

So what has been going down in the league?

Right now Gymboslice has been pretty much rock solid and holds a record of 3-0. Gymbo is probably one of the favorites to wins this league so look for big things out of Gymboslice.  Is anyone going to be able to stop this kid? Gymbo has already taken down Paco, Bore and Feccy J.  Who is next?

Paco has struggled early on and has been outclassed in almost everyone one of his match ups.  Paco got destroyed by Gymboslice and Breezy and put up only 8 points in each game.  Then after losing two in a row Paco lost a heartbreaker to Bore.  Any time you lose to Bore in anything its pretty much a heartbreaker.

Bore has gotten better but there’s still room for improvement.  Bore started out the season 1-0 after his victory over Paco but then followed it up with two devastating loses to Gymboslice and StarNards.  Bore blew a 10-0 lead against Nards and then blew a 1 point lead with 50 seconds to go against Gymboslice.  Can Bore recover from back to back devastating loses? Does Bore need extra tissues?

Feccy J lost a defensive struggle against Gymboslice and scored a league low 3 points.  Feccy J and his Dolphins fought hard but his pink power wasn’t enough to stop the Great Gymboslice.  Feccy played a solid but could only manage to put up 3 measly points. Feccy J had several mental breakdowns in this game and he yells at his Madden players like Tom Coughlin yells at the referees.

Breezy showed why he was one of the early favorites and destroyed Paco.  Breezy is known to be a ruthless player and when he has another team down he goes for the kill. Breezy and his Vikings are looking to conquer the LRSD Madden League.

Nards came back down 10 points and took out Bore in there first meeting.  Nards managed to control his mental breakdown and fought back to give Bore his first loss.  So can being crazy make you better at Madden? Who knows but Nards and his Jets might just be contenders.


  • Breezy 39 – Paco 8
  • GymboSlice 35 – Paco 8
  • Starnards 21 – Bore 10
  • Bore 28 – Paco 20
  • GymboSlice 13 – Feccy 3
  • Gymboslice 31 – Bore 29