LRSD Has a New Roster For the Playoffs!

call-of-duty-bus-rideOver the past several weeks MADDOG has been putting together a new roster to take the field in the playoffs. Relatively new recruit Scarlett x will be heading up the team with the assistance of another recent addition GRABTHEGAUGE187. Filling out the rest of the roster are: RGC level, the youngest player on the roster who’s shown some potential to be a top player. xWiLDCARD, a brand new recruit with some serious skill with the Type 100, xWiLDCARD’s shown exemplary skills both with his guns and with his tactical awareness in team scrims. ThE OrKiiN MaN, has a pretty sweet shot as well but his best attribute is his willingness to learn, listen and follow orders. Filling out the final spot in the roster is LamN8R, a friend of GRABTHEGAUGE187 who’s shown some definite potential as both a shooter and as a team player.

Over the next little while the team will be practicing as often as possible trying to develop as much team chemistry as possible in the little bit of time before playoffs. To assist with this, team leader Scarlett x has changed the dictionary definition of the word practice to, “What all you bad kids should be doing right now.” As the team develops you can expect great things from all the players.

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

Media: What’s your take on the team currently?

Wildcard: Were all great players. Some of us just joined and we need to get chemistry together and work together. We’ll come along very soon. We have the potential to go far in playoffs.

Level: I LOVE the team I think we have a bright future.

Gauge: They’re a bunch of friendly guys who hooked me up with a Turtle Beach headset, and we’ve got what it takes to beat any team.

Media: Is there anything you’re unhappy with about the team currently?

Scarlett: The one thing I would change about the team is for all these roster shake-ups to have happened several weeks ago so we could’ve gotten more practice together before playoffs.

Gauge: Nothing apart from the people who want to kick my good friend Eternal aka A TEAM PLAYER.

Media: What roles do you all play on the team?

Scarlett: My role right now is to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of strats. Once we all get more familiar with our strats I’ll be able to go back to my favourite pastime which is killing bad kids.

Wildcard: I’ll always be near a gun fight or in one. However if needed I can capture objectives or hold them if needed.

Gauge: I always get the hardest jobs, keeping Maddog alive and carrying Battojin.

Media: Pick your two favourite guns.

Wildcard: Type 100, and M1A1 Carbine

Scarlett: WaW: I’m definitely a fan of the M1A1 with an aperture sight. But really it’s my MP40 that keeps me warm at night.

Level: I’d say the same as Scarlett.

Orkiin: MP40 and the STG 44

Media: Finally, where’s the playoff prize money going?

Orkiin: Save it, a proper retirement fund starts early.

Gauge: World at War Mappack 2

Wildcard: Modern Warfare 2

Scarlett: Beer.