LRSD Fights II

batto-jinFight Card for LRSD Fights II

  • Jigsaw vs Diaper (Main Event)
  • Battojin vs Feccy J (Co-Main Event)
  • Takedown vs Paco
  • Magic Wooshy vs Mugze
  • GymboSlice vs Fouza or Jake “The Snake” aka GotDip
  • Empreza vs BryDog (Not televised)

Official Rankings

1. TakedownSpecial (1-0) – Defeated Battojin by KO in the 3rd round.  Awarded KO of the Night Honors but Takedown had the lone KO of LRSD Fights I.

2. GymboSlice (1-0) – Tapped out Mugze with ease in the 1st round. Gymbo looked untouchable in his first fight.

3. Feccy J (1-0) – Defeated Paco in a close unanimous decision. Awarded Fight of the Night Honors.

4. Magic Wooshy (1-0) – Upset JigSaw with a Submission via arm bar. Awarded Submission of the Night Honors.

5. The Diaper Dandy (0-0) – Diaper and Jigsaw couldn’t find a day to fight. Diaper is a solid all around fighter who had a great preseason but we’ll see how he does in the make up fight against Jigsaw.

6. Battojin (0-1) – Pushed Takedown to the limit but suffered a disappointing loss by KO.  Jin probably should be ranked top 5 but a tough first fight match up has him at 0-1.

7. Paco (0-1) – Lost a close decision to Feccy J and his #1 overall ranking. Some fans feel Paco was robbed and should of been awarded the decision.

8. Jigsaw (0-1) – Jigsaw was dominating Wooshy in the early going of their fight but was caught in a submission.  Jigsaw will face DiaperDandy next in a make up fight.

9. Mugze (0-1) – Was dominated by GymboSlice in the first round.  Mugze was unable to show case any skills and will look to bounce back after having a tough match up in his first fight.

10. BryDog (0-0)- BryDog is a dominating striker and he usually knocks out anyone who chooses to stand with him.

11. Fouza (0-0)- Well rounded fighter can cause a problem for anyone who steps in the cage with him.

12. Jake “The Snake” aka GotDip (0-0)- Training partner of Magic Wooshy and is good enough to give anyone a tough fight in the cage.

13. Empreza (0-0) – The Asian Sensation is well rounded and will be a tough fight for anyone who steps in the cage with him.  Empreza is also a four time ninja star throwing champion.