LRSD Fights II Results and New Rankings

Is Takedown the best?

Takedown Still Ranked #1

LRSD Fights II Results

Jigsaw vs Diaper Dandy – For some reason every time we schedule this fight Jigsaw sees to disappear for days. He might be scared of Diaper Dandy.

Gymbo vs Jake “The Snake”  or Fouza – Jake refused a fight with GymboSlice and Fouza has been MIA. Gymbo was forced to take a seat this fight card.

Battojin def. Feccy J by majority decision. (Fight of the Night Honors) – This was the best fight in the LRSD Fight League so far. Honestly it could of gone either way. Both guys fought like champions but Battojin proved he was just slightly better then Feccy J.  Battojin built a solid lead early in the fight fell apart at the end as Feccy stormed back and almost secured a submission in the final round.

Takedown def. Paco by KO round 2 (Ground and Pound) – This wasn’t much of a fight at all.  Takedown scored a takedown (How strange is that?) and Paco never got off his back in round one.  Then in round 2 was pretty much a replay of round one except for the fact that Takedown stopped playing around and finished the fight.  So much for preseason rankings huh…

Magic Wooshy def. Mugze by Submission round 2 (Rear Naked Choke) (Submission of the Night Honors) – This fight will be known as the fight that Mugze let slip away.  Mugze had Wooshy beaten but some how Wooshy pulls out a sub with seconds to go in the 2nd round.  This might of been Mugze’s best chance to win a fight in this league.

Empreza def. BryDog by KO/TKO round 1 (Ground and Pound) (No video it was untelevised) – All I heard was that the fight started and then moments later BryDog said damn good fight and it was over.  Empreza must of went in their took him down and pounded him out.  BryDog either figures out how to grapple or he will be exposed again and again.

Official Rankings After LRSD Fights II

1. TakedownSpecial (2-0) – Takedown destroys Paco easily and improves to 2-0. During the fight you could hear Paco scream “Help me!!! Help!!! I can’t get out!!!!”.

2. GymboSlice (1-0) – Gymbo must be good if people are turning down fights against him.  Jake didn’t want to make his LRSD Fight League debut against Gymboslice and its understandable.  Gymbo will face Battojin next the #3 ranked fighter.

3. Battojin (1-1) – Battojin pulls off the upset over Feccy J with a controversial decision. Some of the fans are saying Feccy J dominated the third round and should of been awarded the victory. Battojin said ” I’m upset at the way the fight finished and I expects a better performance in my next fight”.

4. Feccy J (1-1) – Feccy was in another war but this time he came out on the losing end. Feccy J vowed that he will be back stronger then ever and he said “If I rematch Battojin in the future the outcome will be different.”

5.  Empreza (1-0) – Made his debut on the under card and dominated BryDog with ease. Empreza has improved ground skills and personally claims that he is a contender and the one the beat for the title.

6. Magic Wooshy (2-0) – Magic once again reached into his bag of tricks and pulled off another stunning victory via submission.  Whenever Magic looks down and out some how he manages to come back and get the sub.  I guess they don’t call him Magic for nothing. Wooshy said afterwards “I want to fight some real contenders. I’m ready for Takedown.  I’m a show him who’s number 1.”

7. The Diaper Dandy (0-0) – Waiting to Fight JigSaw!! Does anybody wanna fight Diaper Dandy?

8. Paco (0-2) – Former preseason #1 ranked Paco has struggled out the gate and has fallen to 0-2.  Everyone’s game seems to be evolving while Paco is standing still.  Paco lost a close fight to Feccy J and was now dominated by Takedown.  He’s going to have to get back on the horse and do it again…

9. Jigsaw (0-1) – Waiting to Fight DiaperDandy!!

10. Mugze (0-2) – Mugze lost a heart breaker to Wooshy and falls to 0-2.  Mugze has showed improved stand up and ground game and was whooping on Magic Wooshy but failed to finish the job.  Mugze needs to get a win asap..

11. BryDog (0-1) – Struggled against the ground game of Empreza and was dominated rather quickly.  BryDog needs to find a ground game or its going to be a long season.

12. Fouza (0-0) – Not sure whats going on with Fouza.

13. Jake “The Snake” aka GotDip (0-0) – Turned down fight with GymboSlice basically saying Gymbo is a beast I’d rather not step in the cage with him as my debut fight into the LRSD Fight League. Jake did find the time to call out Magic Wooshy and he said “I don’t know what all this Magic Wooshy hype is about I will defeat him easily when we fight at LRSD Fights III.”