LRSD Fights I

ufc2009screenshot2We would like to have the first LRSD Fights I start this Thursday night around 7pm.  You can come to an agreement with the person you are fighting and fight anytime after Thursday night at 7pm. We don’t have to do all the fights back to back to back.  If you don’t have your fight in by Sunday it will be canceled.

Note: This is not the tournament it is just a regular fight card and the first round of the tournament will begin next week. This will help with the seeding of the tournament.

Official Fight Card – Confirmed Fights

Paco vs Feccy J (Feccy needs to fight on Friday)
TakedownSpecial vs Battojin (Battojin needs to fight Thursday after 10pm)
GymboSlice vs Mugze (Thursday at 7pm Agreed)
DiaperDandy vs JigSaw (They need to agree on a time)

Other Possible Fighters

Magic Wooshy

Anyone else that wants a fight we will make it happen.


Created Fighters Only: Non Career Mode Fighters Only.  Do not boost your fighters stats.. Your fighters should be around 89 and below for an overall rating.  If you can create a fighter higher then an 89 overall without boosting stats I’d like to see it…. Any cheaters will be disqualified.

3 Rounds: 3 Five minute rounds.

Note: If we can not get all the fights to happen back to back we will just record all the fights and post the video afterwards.