LRSD Doubles

Lately, the LRSD has been pairing up and making teams on the Game Battles Doubles Ladder. The competition has really started to heat up.

The Teams are as followed:

  • Iconz and Mad Dog – Iconz is a Maddog (6-0)
  • Takedown and Supafly – Playground Pimps (0-0)
  • Feccy and Pafinator – Pimpin Platypuses (1-1)
  • Paco and Jigsaw – Mexican Serial Killers (1-4)
  • Chub and Overdosed – Overdosed chub (0-0)
  • Grim and Razor – LRSD F&S (0-0)
  • Gymbo and BobBigCack – Eli and Romo (1-2)
  • Liath and Russel Crowe – LRSD Charlie Doubles

Free agents consist of:

  • Rinqi
  • Starnards
  • Sneaky Assasian
  • Shadow
  • Empreza
  • Maverick

If your not in a team yet, its never too late to get a team together before the season ends. The teams are looking promising and stakes to get into the playoffs are getting higher. Get your Game Battles in and try to get to the playoffs before time runs out. Jigsaw and Paco are looking to crush their opponents and anyone who stands in their way to get to the top. With Jigsaw’s brain and talent and Paco’s M1A1, who will be the first to fall to this pair of unstoppable killers?

Note: After this article was written “The Mexican Serial Killers” were crushed in a game versus “Iconz is a Mad Dog”. I guess the Serial Killers were the first to fall.