LRSD Cracks Top 100!

After a rough start to their game battles season the LRSD has cracked into the top 100.  The LRSD is currently ranked 84th overall in the rankings and they are on the rise.  The LRSD started off slow and lost their first four games but now they have been steam rolling teams just like they do in PUBs. The LRSD is currently 15-3 in there last 18 games. Look for the team to rise even higher in the rankings in the upcoming weeks.

Other News:

Congrats to Rasca 1 for getting his game up. Rasca struggled when he first joined the LRSD but lately he has morphed into one of the teams top players. Since Rasca has found his game the LRSD have been unstoppable in Game Battles.  Rasca has meshed well with the other members of the LRSD and has filled in nicely since the disappearance of Magic Wooshy and The DiaperDandy.

Latest LRSD member XxIcon has been on a fire lately. Icon has been one of the key reason the LRSD has murdering teams on Game Battles.  Icon has also fit in real well with the other members of the LRSD and has been one of the teams best recruits.  XxIcon might edge out Rasca for the Gymbo Rookie of the Month Award.

We have found Magic Wooshy!  Wooshy will make a return later this month.  We are not allowed to reveal any information about where he is or was but all we can say he has been found and will return to the team later this month.