LRSD Cevo Trouble! is it over?


Cevo is a big thing in the gaming industry and not having pure success in the first bracket might lead to a terrible downfall. The first match never happened, we got the win because the other team never showed. second game was tough but we thought we had it all planned out. WRONG!! We practiced and practiced but we never had the full team on when we did.

So the first game was Domination we knew it was going to be tough but we thought as a team we could pull through. We ended up losing the domination game but we still held our heads high. The second game was Search and Destroy we thought we would win this for sure. The other team won the 1st round but we pulled through second round and it was tied (1-1) round wise. They then won 2 more rounds. So the score was 3-1.

We were on defense and we starting talking more. Communication for the team improved throughout the games but we all ended up dying except DiaperDandy. Diaper pulls through with a major clutch victory and the game is now 3-2.

Next round Starnards dies from an RPG right at the spawn. Diaperdandy was killed some how in battle. Feccy j and I were they only ones left. It was a 3 on 2 situation. Feccy Goes down by M16! I was the sole survivor. With only a minute left I killed 2 guys and grabbed the bomb with only 30 seconds left. I had to make a run for it all the way across the map.

On my way to the bomb site I get clipped but I was still alive. I plant the bomb but was killed shortly after. With no one left the lone member on the other team defuses the bomb for the win.

Anonymous source said after the loss “It was tough loss to take knowing one of my teammates was a major reason why we lost. He really let the team down. A change in the roster looks like the only solution. We sat down after the loss and had a big team meeting and tried to resolve the problem right way. No change has been made but hopefully one is on the way.”

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