LRSD Beats High Ranked Team.. Twice

Sunday Night Team LRSD squared off against the 24th Rank GB team 502 Bad Gateway (whatever they call themselves they change there name everyday) in an 8 vs 8 battle.  The LRSD won the battle 2 games to 1 to pull off a major upset in the Game Battles Rankings.  There was a bit of hostility from the other team claiming it a cheap victory by the LRSD.

LRSD won the first map of the battle because the teams host lost connection and in the rules it states if the host drops their team loses that map.  Some argue the LRSD gained control during that game and all of a sudden the connection dropped out.  Anyway the LRSD went on to lose the second map but bounced right back with a dominating performance in Search & Destroy.  Despite winning the game vs a top ranked opponent some of the the LRSD guys questioned whether they really won or they just got lucky.

Then last night the LRSD squared off against 502 Bad Gateway in a rematch this time 6 vs 6.  Since the loss to the LRSD on Sunday Night 502 Bad Gateway had been dropped to 42nd overall in the Game Battles Rankings.

The first map the LRSD lost demolition but the game was pretty much in control by Team LRSD but it slipped away at the end with the 502 Bad Gateway getting the last second plant off.

The second map the LRSD pulled off an impressive come back victory in domination. The LRSD managed to pull off a three cap to tie an overtime round in domination which shifted the momentum to the LRSD and they pulled off a domination victory in the 4th overtime.

Then the final map the map was on Nuke Town with the LRSD fighting to a draw several times until finally capturing the enemy flag.  502 Bad Gateway showed poor sportsmanship and start to quit the game after the LRSD took a commanding 2-0 lead in flag captures.

The LRSD battle through tie after tie to eventually break down its opponent.  The team showed great discipline and the ability to battle through an enormous amount of pressure.  This was the type of battle the LRSD needed to bring its team together and believe that they are once again one of the best teams in the game.

Here is a look at some of the action: (Video was mainly for GB proof.)