100It has been about a month and the LRSD Alpha team has finally reached 100 wins on gamebattles. All the hard work finally paid off. We are sitting well at 16th right now and pretty much have a playoff spot clinched. When we first started other teams laughed at us a said we weren’t good. They doubted us and mocked us. They said we would never make it to the first page. Well for all those teams out there, look who’s on the first page now. Where are you probably on our match list with a W next to your name. The LRSD started its COD5 GB team out small but now we have been built into a destructive force on the battlefield. We took everyone out good and bad. We made supposedly the top teams disband (deathblooms a.k.a. lilbabies). The LRSD Alpha will be somewhat cutting down on GB matches and just practicing for the playoffs. We would like to make a name for ourselves in the playoffs and take home the championship title. Until then we will keep you updated on the Alpha teams status.