Lower the Volume Please!!

paul-frank-volume-teeAs you all know it is 2009 and the technology we have is pretty advanced. What I’m trying to get at here is that you don’t always have to yell into the mic for it to pick your voice up. As you also know some of us have Turtle Beach headsets and by yelling you just cause hearing problems for us. In some cases it is ok to yell but you don’t have to all the time. The people that do this the most is probably Overdose and Maverick, you know what I’m not going to mention names just yet. For a certain person out there ( Overdose ) you really need to tune it down. You were recently complaining that no one is on your team and that you don’t have enough players. The reason for this is probably that you hospitalize them for internal bleeding in their ears. Well quite frankly I don’t blame them either. I know that supposedly i am the “meanest” and yell all the time but i can also talk in an “inside voice”. Now on the other you are always yelling at the top of your lungs. My advice to you is to lower your voice and stop yelling. I think that you will see a change, because people might actually stay on your team. You dont have to listen to me but i highly recommend you take my advice.