Lost in the LRSD

lostWe still have a couple guys floating around the LRSD without a team.  Before you go out and recruit more players for the LRSD take a look at the guys on Delta / Reserves List.  The LRSD free agent list has some quality guys that have been around the LRSD and know a lot of the strategies.  If your looking for a tough veteran to play on Bravo or Charlie give one of these guys a shot.

RazorHead was a former Charlie Team member and has gotten lost in the recent transition. Razorhead is one the the original members of the LRSD, so hes gotta know something after all these years.  The only problem with Razorhead is finding out when he’ll be available for games.  RazorHead can throw on a flak jacket with the best of em and clear a mine field for your team.  He can be a quality reserve player for either Bravo or Charlie.

StarNards has been around for a long time and he will need a team to join when his xbox is repaired.  Nards brings a lot of intensity to a team and he’s a true competitor. Nards is a quality gun and would fit well on either Bravo or Charlie. He does have Game Battles experience with the old Charlie Team and when his xbox is fixed he will be a great addition to any team.

Bore the former Charlie Team Leader is still in need of a team.  This guy may not be the most accurate shooter in the game (90% air, 5% Wall and 5% Body) but he is a body that a team could use on the battlefield.  Bore is trainable and he can play well when given the opportunity. He may talk more then he kills enemies but thats just a bonus of having Bore on your team. Bore may of failed as a leader but he is motivated and wants to be apart of a team that does Game Battles.

Empreza is still available and is looking for a team to play on.  Empreza is a former Alpha Team member that was lost in the transition and Alpha Team will not be bringing him back this Game Battle season.  Empreza is a solid sniper and he isn’t bad with a rifle either.  Empreza does have Game Battles experience and can be an asset to any team. If you can keep him focused then you’ll have a quality player on your hands.  (Currently Empreza is leaning towards building a hardcore team for the LRSD.)

Other members that would be great for part time roles for your teams would be HighFive, KillTyrant and Breezy.  These guys aren’t available everyday but they are veterans of the LRSD. If you needed a plug and play guy these guys wouldn’t be a bad option.  They all pretty good team players and know all the strategies.

If you are interesting in adding one of these guys to your line up or need help contacting any of these guys let Gymbo know.