Let the Guns Do the Talking!!!

no_talkingLet me start off by stating that the LRSD wants to be respected and not looked at as a bunch of trash talking bunch of F***heads. We want people to look at us as a bunch of  respectful good guys. Recently there’s has been a player on the LRSD who been acting the exact opposite. He always trash talked even if nothing was said to him. He has made us look immature and disrespectful. The reason for this solely was that he thought he was the best. This particular player has been very full of himself and has even stopped listening to orders given to him by the LRSD leaders. Do not think these actions were not noticed, they were and the player has been removed from the LRSD and wont be seeing his way back in. We have no need for someone that causes the teams chemistry and moral to implode. Besides that sh**show I have something else to talk about.

This is about when we are on the opposite side of the gun and people are talking trash to us. When this happens we need to ignore it. I know it is tough but we just need to. If we get caught up in all that bull our performance will lack and I know from personal experience LRSD. From now on we let our guns and skills do the talking. From this point on there will be no trash talk. We will wish the other team good luck and tell them good round, but other than that the bullets and wins will do the talking.