JigSaw No Show?? Wooshy Looking for a Fight!!

wantedposterWhere in the World is Jigsaw?

Where is Jigsaw?  How did he miss his fight with Diaper Dandy? Was he scared of “Razor Sharp” Diaper Dandy?

We currently don’t have the answer to any of those questions and its unfortunate that Jigsaw had to disappear on opening night of fights for LRSD Fights I.  Diaper will be unavailable to fight anytime this weekend so if JigSaw finds the guts to step in the cage sometime this weekend it will have to be against the replacement Magic Wooshy.  Magic Wooshy is a highly underrated fighter and he could give JigSaw a problem whether the fight goes to the ground or stays standing..

Diaper Dandy said “I think JigSaw was afraid.  He knew last night was my only night I’d be available to fight and I had a feeling he didn’t want to step in the cage with me.. I’m a beast… It is dissappointing considering the fact that I have been training real hard for this fight and I wanted to prove to everyone that I’m a contender for the title…. Now that I’ll be out of town for the weekend I’m almost certain Jigsaw will resurface while I’m away… I have a message for Jigsaw when your ready I’ll be glad to whoop on you in the cage in the next LRSD fight card or the one after that.. Whenever your ready kid!!”

Magic Wooshy Looking for a Fight!!

Is anyone interested in Fighting Magic Wooshy?? Wooshy is looking for his first fight of the season and would like to fight on the first fight card of the season. If anyone is interested in fighting Magic Wooshy please contact GymboSlice or Takedownspecial sometime today.

I know a couple of you guys didn’t have a fight yet… (BryDog, Empreza, Jigsaw, Bore, etc.. Who ever else has the game…)

If JigSaw returns Magic Wooshy is willing to step in the cage as a replacement fighter for DiaperDandy.