Jiggy's Family is Expanding

LRSD is family. And the family is expanding; especially for one of the longest standing, most loyal veterans of LRSD. JIGSAW’s personal family is expanding as he transitions into fatherhood. I can not say enough about how good of a father JIGGY will be. The evidence is right here inside the LRSD. Jigsaw is as loyal as they come. In any situation anybody will tell you the man they want watching their back is JIGSAW. He continuously gives guidance by sharing the game plan, creating strategies, and keeping others on track. He holds himself to a high standard and will never settle for mediocre. These are the traits that make good parents and mentors, and he has them all. JIGGY is steadfast in his ways. Some may call stubborn but I call it immovable. He’s a rock, as solid as they come. He is a rock for LRSD and for his family as well. So LRSD it’s our turn to help a family member out. Let’s give back to JIGSAW and his family as much as he has given to this one. Whatever we can give will help, but don’t hesitate to give all you can, cause I’ve never seen any different from JIGGY in the LRSD. Contact MadDog or Gymbo to see how we can help out and spread the word as we look after one of our own.

Article by: Team Player

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