Jeffrosaw Returns!

It’s official the great Jeffrosaw has returned to the LRSD.  He has been absent for quite some time.  Rumor has it he’s been off training in the Himalaya Mountains.  He has been sharpening his battle skills and now knows how to kill an enemy with his knife 55 different ways.  After his long survival mission Mr. Jeffro feels he is ready to take his place back on Alpha Team.  He just might be the fire power the LRSD has been missing.  Now with Jeffrosaw back in the lineup expect big things from Alpha team in the future.

The media caught up with Mad Dog to ask him what he thought about Jeffrosaw’s return. Mad Dog said “It’s great to have Jeffro back and it feels good having some big time fire power out on the battlefield.  I was getting tired of seeing all these snipers.  My back was starting to hurt from carrying all this weight around.  Now that Jeffro is back it can take some of the burden off our key players.”

(Jeffrosaw was not ready to grant us an interview but hopefully we can catch up with Mr. Saw this week.)

Now that Jeffrosaw has returned to the lineup and blostered an already stacked Alpha Team been on the Look Out for big things.  Quite possibly a 1,000 game win streak is on the horizon.