Is Charlie Better then Bravo?

Begojuiceravo Team Ego Trip

It seems like it was yesterday that the highly motivated Bravo Team came into the LRSD and destroyed the over confident Charlie Team in the first ever B vs C Team battle. Bravo Team was the talk of the LRSD and they looked poised to make a playoff run in Game Battles. Then for some strange reason Bravo Team lost their way.

Rumors have been circulating that they haven’t been practicing as much as they should..(Really?) and they have been practicing glitching more then they been practicing strategies. (Really??) It seems to me that all the praise Bravo Team has gotten in the past has gone to their heads.

So its no surprise that Bravo Team is struggling. They have yet to produce a winning record and the leaders of the LRSD aren’t happy about it.  One LRSD leader said “They are embarrassing the LRSD name with their performance and if it continues people will be fired.”

Another leader said “To be honest Bravo Team has the arrogance of a team that is ranked in the top 25 (Note: They Aren’t Even in the Top 1,000! Current rank 1191..) and they are starting to look like that over confident Charlie Team that they beat not to long ago.”

Bravo Team currently holds a record of 12-19 and that just isn’t good enough.

Charlie Team Hungry for Revenge

While everyone was talking about how great Bravo Team was.. Charlie Team began to rebuild. They were tired of being known as the joke of the LRSD.

First thing the leaders of the LRSD did was put highly motivated/insane OverDose in charge..

So OverDose went out started to recruit. He picked up quality players like Im Hiigh and Maverick. (Which have played on other tops teams on Game Battles before) Then he brought back some of the old Charlie Team members that were serious about getting revenge like Pafinator and StarNards. Then Charlie Team actually started to practice… Practice was something that was unheard of by the old Charlie Team.  (Quote from former Charlie Team Leader Bore: “Practice you kidding me.. We don’t need practice.. )

Guess what? The practicing has actually been paying off.. Charlie Team is currently 18-5 and they are ranked 267th overall.

(Note: That is currently 933 ranks higher then Bravo Team. Wow 933 ranks higher then the team that they are suppose to be worse then.)

So who really is the better team? Do we even need to have another Bravo vs Charlie match to figure this out???