Inside the Head of Pafinator

For all you who do not know, Pafinator is one of the more experienced players. Recently he was put on the Charlie Team. As you all know the Charlie team did play Bravo team and lost. Many of the players on Charlie were discouraged. After a while of trying to contact a C team player and talk to them, we’ve finally gotten a hold of Pafinator. We sat him down and asked him some questions.

FeccyJ: “Paf how do you feel about the loss?”

Pafinator: “Well you know Feccy, I’m sure im not the only one feeling upset about the loss but I have been down on myself for a while because of it. Ever since the loss I haven’t been on top of my game but it has started coming back.”

FeccyJ: “What do you think the major flaw of Charlie Team was?”

Pafinator: “Well I can’t stress the word more. DEDICATION, DEDICATION, DEDICATION. Most of the Charlie team had none of this. Personally I wanted to practice with the team but nobody was ever on together to do it. One thing in particular that bothered me was Bore. He’s not the best player and all he said was that the game would be easy. I kept telling him we needed to practice and go over strats but he kept insisting that it would be an easy match.”

FeccyJ: “How do you think you did in the match?”

Pafinator: “I believe I performed averagely, but the main reason was that nobody had any idea what was going on and it was a cluster f*** the whole time.”

FeccyJ: “If your team had practiced do you think you would have won?”

Pafinator: “Well not to knock the Bravo team or anything but yea I do think we were capable of winning. We just lacked the practice as a team, unlike the Bravo team who practiced very well.

FeccyJ: “Would you like to play Bravo again if you could?”

Pafinator: “Of course it was a very good time. On one condition though only if my team practiced together and got better as a team.”

FeccyJ: “What will you be doing with your off time now since the match is over?”

Pafinator: “Well I would like to take charge and get my team practicing and getting better team chemistry so if there is another B vs. C game will stand a better opposition.”

FeccyJ: “I’d like to thank you for your time Paf and good luck with the team.”
Well there you have it. Now you know what one of the C team members was thinking. We hope to see Charlie start working as a team and getting better. Who knows if there will be another B vs. C battle?