Ink City Gets Mad!

Yesterday Ink CiTy joins a game with some members of the LRSD and after playing a couple matches he was asked to leave so another member of the LRSD can join. He left not saying anything so no one complained but he than said to Diaperdandy and Me that ” if this is how its gonna be i don’t wanna be in the lrsd, i don’t need to play with them” yea everyone gets upset from the boot but how can you get upset when you never show up to any practices or team meetings thats what i don’t understand. InK CiTy also bought gears of war 2 weeks before he got Cod world at war if that doesn’t show the lack of dedication that we all see than i am sorry. I see no need in getting upset by getting asked to leave after the other team members played about 3 games with him before they asked him too. LRSD is all about Dedication and Loyalty if you don’t have the dedication meaning not showing up to team practices, and loyalty doesn’t mean when your asked to leave a party you’re ready to pack your bags because that would be the opposite.

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