How To: Grenades

Hey everyone, Jigsaw here, and today im gonna give you a little rundown on throwing Grenades.

Way too often I see players aiming straight up, and launching grenades hoping to hit someone. While this technique can, and sometimes does work, Im going to give you tips on how to most effectively use this very powerful, yet scarce weapon.

In Call of Duty: World at War there are three types of Primary Grenades; Frag, N 74 ST (Sticky), and Molotov. Each of these are very different and effective in their own way


The Frag Grenade is The Most common type of grenade you will see. It damages enemies by sending shrapnel

 flying into anyone nearby. They can be thrown the furthest, and will bounce off walls. Some tips for using these are:


  1.  Take Aim – Although this sounds simple many people just toss, and pray. Determine the best place to throw it and then let it go.
  2. Cooking – The Frag has a five second fuse, which means once you press RB you have five seconds before it detonates. If you cook a grenade before throwing it near an enemy, many times it will not show up on their screen, and you have an easy kill. The “timer” can be determined by counting the pulses of the cross hairs, one pulse per second. I find cooking the grenade for three seconds most effective for short distance tosses, and 1 1/2 to 2 seconds most effective for long distance tosses.
  3. Use Obstacles to Your Advantage – Have you spotted a guy behind hard cover, and the deep impact perk isn’t quite working? Try bouncing a frag off a nearby wall into his position, you would be surprised how well this works compared to trying to throw it over him.
N 74 ST (sticky):


The sticky grenade is primarily an anti-tank grenade. It sticks to almost any surface it is thrown at, has a very small blast radius, and it doesnt cook, meaning you can hold it as long as you want. some tips for

 using these are:


  1. Try to Equip Them on Maps With Tanks – The sticky can easily destroy one of those pesky enemytanks while it is flaming, damage its armor, or disable its skids (wheels). Once those tanks are destroyed, you can continue fighting, without worrying about getting a mortar shell straight to the head.
  2. Direct Stick – If an enemy is rushing at you fast, or catching you off guard around a corner, a direct stick is a great, and sadisticly satisfying way to stop them “dead” in their tracks.
  3. Stealth Kill – Throwing a sticky at a wall or obstacle near enemies is a pretty good way to take them out before they know what hit them.
Molotov coctails as they are called, are nothing but glass bottles filled with fuel, and a rag acting as a wick. They are pretty much direct hit killers, an will burn for quite a few seconds, damaging enemies who walk through it. Some tips for using these are:
  1. Anticipate – Molotovs take a couple seconds to light, so make sure you have plenty of time to use these before attempting to toss.
  2. Direct Hit – Molotovs are most effective when they are thrown directly at an enemy, they are engulfed in flames and pretty much die instantly, again make sure you have enough time to light the wick before throwing
  3. Burning out the Enemy – Have you spotted somebody sneaking through the tall grass on Seelow? Are enemies holding up a tight corridor? Try burning the enemy out. Toss one of these into the grass, and watch it burn exposing and possibly damaging the enemy. Toss it down that corridor to heat things up a bit, and watch them flee to an open area.
Remember guys in most instances you only have one grenade, or with the Primary X2 perk you have two, use them wisely. Multiple kills are always better than 1, so try to put them where a few enemies are located. Grenades can be the difference between killing and getting killed.