How Can I Be a Better Team Player?

teamworkteamworkteam10 Tips on How to be a Better Team Player!!

(No Specific Order.. These are just 10 random tips)

  1. When a task given and it goes horribly wrong, own up to it.  Never blame another team member. (A lot of people should take note to this tip…)
  2. If you are great at something, coach or teach another player about it.  Giving out knowledge only makes the team better.
  3. Show new team members where to go.. Don’t just let them run around like fools.. Show them the way..
  4. Be Open to new ideas.  Do not discourage  another team members idea.  When implementing a new idea do not criticize it every step of the way. You never know it could work!
  5. Do not give an excuse when someone is giving you feedback on your poor performance.  You should be open to criticism it will make you a better player.
  6. Give credit when credit is due.  If a teammate does something good let em know. Keep it positive.
  7. Do not complain and cry about every situation that comes up.  Flipping out and complaining in the game only blocks communication.. Do something about it and quit your crying!!
  8. Communicate!!! If you don’t communicate with your teammates then you might as well sell your mic.  The best teams have the best communication.
  9. Do your Job!! If you are given a position to hold or an objective to do then go out and do it..  There is no such thing is no “I don’t like that spot” or “I got a better idea”.. Don’t worry about STATS!! Stats will come if you execute your job properly..
  10. Get Good at at least one Weapon.. Don’t stress yourself out about mastering all the weapons.. If your not good at the game then just work on one weapon and master that.. It is better to be great with one weapon then being pretty good with all the weapons.. You will be more valuable to the team if your a master of a certain weapon..