Gymbo's Take: Bravo Vs Charlie

The Bravo vs Charlie match up is coming up and everyone is fired up. Bravo Team is locking up their roster and Charlie Team is putting together their game plan.  Everyone around the LRSD is wondering who is going to win.  Is Charlie better then Bravo Team? Will Bravo Team show Charlie Team why B comes before C?

After looking at the lineups its hard to say who really is going to win this Best of 7 series.  Bravo Team is filled with mainly new members and only two real long term veterans in GrimPunisher and Paco.  Bravo is hungry for respect and ready for battle.  Charlie is mainly old veterans with two former Alpha Team members BobBigCack and HighFive.  Charlie feels they have been disrespected by Bravo Team and they want to put them in there place. All I can say is “Its going to be a battle”.

Bravo Team has bolstered there line up in the past few weeks so it’s going to be interesting to see if they can build some chemistry quickly.   Bravo has a lot of new players but the core has been playing together for about a month right now. Paco, Jigsaw and Chub represent the heart of Bravo Team and they want nothing more then to dominate Charlie Team and shut them up. JigSaw and Paco are the vocal leaders of the Bravo and they will have their team ready for war.

Charlie Team is a rowdy group of players and they have been playing together for a while now.  They can’t stand all the attention Bravo Team has been getting lately and they want the spotlight.  Charlie Team has a lot of skilled players but they do lack organization and leadership.  These guys were the old Bravo Team that was lead by Feccy J and no one has really taken control of this team since.  If they want to win this series a leader must emerge.

Who will Win

My bet would be Bravo Team.  They are more organized and have great leaders already in place.  Charlie is a talented group but they are a major Cluster F**ck.  Charlie operates like a bunch of chickens with there heads cut off and I dunno if they can handle the Bravo Team straight up in battle. Charlie may have more talent but Bravo is becoming a well oiled machine like Alpha Team. If Charlie Team has a problem with Gymbo’s prediction then they got to prove me wrong.

Gymbo’s Prediction: Bravo Team takes the series 4 to 2.

Takedown’s Prediction: No Comment

Mad Dog’s Prediction: No Comment

Betting Line

  • Bravo:    -160
  • Charlie: +150

The Line Ups

Bravo Team

  • Jigsaw (Leader)
  • Paco (Co-Leader)
  • Chub
  • Grim Punisher
  • Eat Snipe (New)
  • Fatality (New)
  • Elite Killer (New)
  • Bobby Shadow
  • JMD Snipes

Charlie Team

  • Bore (Leader)
  • BobBigCack
  • StarNards
  • OverDose
  • Pafinator
  • Highfive
  • KillTyrant
  • Razorhead